Make Up Brushes – My Recent Purchase

 Blank Canvas Cosmetics

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I recently made a fabulous purchase! A whole new set of make up brushes. I decided to make a bulk purchase for a couple of reasons. Make up brushes can and do gather quite a lot of bacteria, even with regular brush cleaning. The brush fibres may also come loose after time which leaves you picking away black bristles from your face before leaving the house! Nasty! Let’s face it we’ve all been there. Longevity of make up brushes will also depend on how often they are used, for example a foundation brush which is used everyday as opposed to the eye liner brush that is used once a week for an occasion. I haven’t bought brushes bar a couple of essentials in the last couple of years. (Yes I am trying to justify treating myself for no apparent reason) Basically, you will need to replace your brush collection which can be quite a costly investment. Therefore this is why I went on the hunt for some reasonably affordable, high quality investment pieces. I did some online research and chose Blank Canvas because they are affordable and high quality. There are so many brands and options it can be quite overwhelming. It is worth investing in decent brushes to create flawless, well blended make up application every time without leave yourself scraping until payday!

I went to the blank canvas website and began exploring my options. I opted for the 13 piece pro deluxe set with black leather holder which retailed for €99.99 but also applied my 10% discount code from Pippa O’Connor’s website : Code – pippa. Although I am not sure how long this discount code will work…They arrived to my door by courier within a few days which was very exciting! (sad I know, but I’ve been at home with my baby girl for 9 months now, so any treats for me are extraordinarily exciting) At first glance, I just thought they were FABULOUS! So fabulous, I began rubbing the silky soft brushes along my face and smelling the delicious freshness! Any make up and beauty addicts know what I am talking about!

So now to the important less creepy smelling and rubbing part.. Using the brushes! I have a few words to describe! Flawless, silky soft, luxurious, affordable and the big thing for me!… No loss of brush hair fibres on your face! I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to get some new brushes.

Thanks for reading! For further information or if you wish to purchase, please find link to the Blank Canvas Website below:

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