What the Hell is Micellar Water?

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I have jumped on the micellar water band wagan recently but I literally had no idea what it was. So I went in search of some simple answers as I was interested in finding out how it works and essentially what it is. A lot of what I found was not so simple and actually quite scientific. I thought I would share my version of a more simple explanation and review of the Garnier Micellar water which I have been using for anyone interested. Like all my posts, this is a review based on my own personal use.

Micellar water is a great alternative to face wipes (we are all guilty of using them) for quick easy removal of make up without being as harsh and drying on the skin as many face wipes can be. The Garnier Micellar water comes in a 400ml bottle and also a handy travel size which is perfect for holidays, overnight stays or on the go cleansing.

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Micellar water is a essentially a bunch of micelles, (group of surfactant molecules) floating around in water. They have a hydrophilic end that is attracted to water and a lipofilic end which is attracted to oils and grease. Basically, the micelles grab onto make up and oils on your skin like a magnet and when used on a cotton wool pad, can very effectively and effortlessly remove even stubborn make up. You may need to use a couple of times depending on how much make up your wearing. It is also kind enough to be left on the skin without rinsing. It is suitable to use on face, eyes and lips and is a fantastic, easy all round make up remover.

Since buying this product, I have used it every day in conjunction with my normal skincare routine. I have normal, dehydrated skin and I find this product works really well for me. There are a huge variety of skincare companies with their own Micellar Water products ranging in prices, but I have only tried the Garnier version so far.

Hopefully this is a simple enough explanation for anyone else who was as curious as I was.

Let me know if you have tried any of the many Micellar water products on the market and what your thoughts are.

Linda x

One Comment on “What the Hell is Micellar Water?

  1. I just started using the Simple micellar water and really like it. It is really affordable too, compared to other brands.


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