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I have some amazing news to let all of you lovely followers know… I haven’t been blogging as much lately but there is a reason. I am delighted to now be able to share some news. I will be working for an amazing, award winning company called BioFresh Skincare and Makeup. As you all know, the beauty industry is my passion and I am beyond thrilled to be following my dreams and be doing what I love. I will be located in the Swords Main Street branch and will be available for skincare advice, a variety of facial treatments and make up application. I look forward to welcoming you all into the store and getting the opportunity to meet you and help you with all of your skincare and makeup needs.

I have been in store training on all of the amazing treatments, skincare products and make up available at BioFresh. I am already honestly blown away. I have been meeting some amazing people and learning about their stories and how discovering BioFresh has literally changed their lives. One of the main things that makes BioFresh so unique is how genuinely natural and affordable all of the products are. Every product is free of harsh chemicals and parabens which are really bad for our delicate skin. When you combine natural skincare products with natural make up you wont believe the difference it will make to your skin. If you are having any issues with your skin, suffer from acne or break outs, or if you simply want to use all natural products on your skin, then look no further than BioFresh. You will be sorry that you didn’t discover the products sooner!

The amazing mineral make up range available from BioFresh is Bella Pierre. Bella Pierre is an all natural mineral based makeup which contains no bismuth oxychloride, fillers, talc or parabens which can cause irritation and be quite harsh on our delicate skin. Bismuth oxychloride is an inorganic white pigment which is found in many other brands of general and mineral make up. All of the pigments from Bella Pierre are also natural. Check out just some of the amazing colours available below!

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The make up range provides amazing coverage, a flawless completion and there is a huge variety of products for you to chose from. There are contour kits, complete starter kits and many many more! The best part is if you spend just €30 on products in store then your full make over is free! Red cherry natural lashes can also be applied for just an extra €10. Be sure to book in advance if you have a special occasion to avoid disappointment.

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I look forward to bringing you all on this journey with me. I will be doing lots of blogging on all of the amazing treatments, skincare products and make up available here at BioFresh Swords. I look forward to showcasing the products,  doing make up demos and lots lots more. So be sure to stay tuned!

For more information or to shop online make sure you check out the BioFresh website which I have linked below


Linda x

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