How I clean my Makeup brushes

This is a really simple, easy to follow guide for everyone who owns make up brushes. I ideally like to clean my make up brushes about once a week but it depends on how often you use yours. It is important to clean your make up brushes to remove the build of old make up and most importantly clean away any bacteria which can gather on the brushes. If you take care of your makeup brushes with regular cleaning, this can also help prolong their life.

I use a rubber mitt from the homeware section in Penny’s that costs just €2 and baby shampoo which is also €2!

FullSizeRender (1)

€2 in Penny’s Homeware

So a really affordable and effective way to keep your make up brushes clean. I run warm water from the tap and just add a small amount of baby shampoo and massage the brushes in a circular motion. The small ridges on the mitt cleanse deep down into the fibres in the brushes to give them a really deep clean. You can see the ridges in the pic below. This is a great dupe and amazing value in comparison to some makeup brush mitts available on the market.


Keep going until the water runs clear. Lay the clean brushes out on a towel overnight and that’s it! Lovely clean brushes.. I’s that simple!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful!

Linda x

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