It’s Never too Late to do What You Love

I am 25 years old and by no means do I know it all. I don’t know where I’ll be in five years but, I do know that all I wish for is to be happy.


I have had so many different jobs since the age of 16 when I started working. I have found it hard to find my niche. Somewhere I am truly at home and love what I am doing.

I always took a job based on money, convienence and what suited my lifestlye at the time. In recent years I ended up working in banking. It was a fantastic career, I was really good at it, I gave one hundred percent everyday, I made my family very proud and most importantly I met the man of my dreams there. But… I wasn’t happy. In fact I was so unbelieveably unhappy. It was like a burning sence of ‘this is not what I should be doing with my life’ feeling that I carried with me everyday. I was a ball of nerves due to the nature of the job and stress levels were through the roof. I found myself really suffering with anxiety. I had no idea what to do.

In the midst of my turmoil over my career, my whole world changed unexpectedly. I found out that I was going to be a Mam. Something I had always dreamed about. I have always been very maternal and could not have imagined a life without any kids. It was unexpected and when the initial shock wore off we seriously could not have been any more excited and overwhelmed with joy! I will never forget the day we found out we were having a girl. It was truly one of the most special moments of my whole life. A baby girl! I seen her tiny little features in 3D and she was so perfect. So precious! We named her Cara there and then. It was all so real at that exact moment and we could not have been more proud to be her parents.

When Cara was born one frosty December night everything else stopped. The whole world could have been falling down but we didnt care. We where snuggled up in our teeny weeny apartment holding on so tightly to our little girl. Savouring every moment with her.

As the weeks passed, I decided to do some part time beauty courses. I had already spent an intense year training as a beauty & body therapist in Senior College DunLaoghaire but I never persued a career in beauty as I was very young when I finished and didn’t really have the maturity to kick start a career then. I have a real passion for all things beauty so I wanted to do some courses and see how I felt. It was like a lighbulb went off in my head almost instantly. This is what I love. This is the career I want! Becoming a Mam gave me time to really reflect and helped me really find myself. I looked in Cara’s eyes one day & thought to myself.. I hope she follows her dreams! But how can I encourage her to do so when I haven’t myself.  I was and still am so determined to pave a career in this industry. I started some snapchat beauty demos and Q&A’s in my spare time  around minding Cara and was amazed at the response. But, they are not permanent videos so I started this blog have a stable platform to work on my passion and help others by answering their questions and giving handy tips. I am now so glad to say that I have an amazing job in the industry I love, with a fantastic company that I believe in and I am truly happy!

I guess, where I am going with this whole post is just to urge anyone who is feeling the way I did to just try. Do an evening course, do something you love in your spare time and see how it goes. Let your heart guide you and be creative. Take a risk… I did take a huge risk & it was most defientely worth it! When you do what you love you will be truly happy and that will shine through. With passion, dedication and hard work the sky is the limit!

Linda x

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