My Skincare Routine

I have been asked alot lately about my skincare routine. As a beauty therapist I use a lot of amazing products and really try to look after my skin. I have been using Probiotic Range available from BioFresh Skincare and Makeup in Swords. As you all know, I am now working for BioFresh and I am just loving the products!  I am not paid to promote these products, I just love them.


It is great to meet so many customers who genuinely love the products too. I have seen first hand the results these products are delivering and it is literally life changing for some people.

The probiotic range is suitable for a number of skin types including sensitive. It is a great universal all round range. The best part is how natural the products are, containing no parabens or hash chemicals.


The products are a unique combination of probiotic of yogurt and 100% natural organic rose oil. The combination is fantastic for stimulating collagen and elastin and improving the general condition of the skin.

The probiotic cleansing milk is a creamy nourishing cleanser which can be used to remove make up from the eyes and face, impurities, excess oils and dirt from the skin. I cleanse first before anyother steps, morning & night.

I use a natural Bulgarian rose water as a toner to remove excess cleanser, refresh and hydrate the skin.


I use the supreme exfoliating scrub about one to two times per week to remove dead skin cells. This is a fantastic facial scrub as is it not too harsh on the skin. It leaves my skin super soft and supple. Just apply tepid water to the face and massage a small amount of product in circular motions. This product then needs to be completely washed off. I tend to exfoliate my skin one to two times per week.

I then apply the botox effect anti-age serum both day & night before I moisturize for a deeper hydration. The botox serum is a gorgeous creamy consistency and is one of my favourite products to use. It contains a unique ingredient called argilerine which blocks the contractions of the muscles in the face hence giving it it’s ‘botox’ effect.


To moisturise, I use the day and night cream from the same range. I also apply an ultra detox mask about once a week to boost the hydration, sooth & detox my skin.

And that’s it… This routine has been working wonders on my skin in the past few weeks so I don’t intend on changing it. I have combined this skincare routine with Bellápierre natural mineral makeup to let me skin breath and the creams do their job. It is so nice to mix natural skincare with natural makeup and see the difference it has made for me.

There are other ranges and products available at Biofresh so I am sure this will alter and change in time but I will keep you all updated.

Skin consultations and samples are compeltely free in Biofresh. If you pop in we can have a detailed look at your skin and the recommend a tailored skincare and treatment plan for you!

Any questions please don’t hesisitate to contact me I would be happy to answer. This is what I love talking about so if you need more info or just want to chat about your skin then please get in touch.

All products can be bought in store and online. Link to website below for more information or to purchase any of these products

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Linda x

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