Dreading getting fit…

I am not going to lie! I am dreading getting fit! As Cara’s first birthday is fast approaching I know it is time to get off my ass and start working out! My body confidence is on the floor and I now finally feel determined to feel healthy and fit again! Long may it live!

I have been following Siobhan OH Fitness Blog for months now and had the pleasure of meeting her in Biofresh as she gets her skincare and makeup from us. Her story is amazing! She went from corporate land to personal training and her body transformation is so inspiring! Check out these abs!!!!!


As you all know I also gave up a corporate career to pursue my passion in the beauty industry so I also really feel like I can relate to Siobhan’s story. The best part is she is also from Swords so it is so handy for me!

I find the gym so intimidating so I am really looking forward to starting some sessions with Siobhan. Hopefully I can build back up my confidence in the gym.

I just want to feel fit and confident again and everything else will be a bonus! I will keep you all posted on my progress or lack of!

Linda x

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