Voya Detoxifying Seaweed Bath

I recently tried the Voya Detoxifying Home Seaweed Bath Kit Β & Organic Essence Oil. If you are interesed in finding out how it went then below is my honest review! Hope you enjoy…


To prep I popped the seaweed in some boiling water and let stand for half hour. This re awakens and brings the seaweed back to life as it comes in a small dried pack. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It was so intence. Like when you unintentionally swallow a gulp of sea water. Β The seaweed expanded and plumped up pretty quickly. It literally smelled like the ocean in my bath room. You then need to add the sea salt from the pack to the hot water.

I added a good few of drops of the essence oil into the bath which gave the most amazing invigorating smell and complimented the ocean smell perfectly.

The seaweed was quite squishy and slippery as you can imagine and took me a few minutes to get used to the sensation. Also I wont lie… I did a bit of sea urchin searching too… just incase by some unknown chance, any critters managed to find there way into my bath! Luckily, I was alone. Before long, I was very comfortable emersed in my steaming hot seaweed haven. Image of a seaweed godness πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‡πŸ»


The benefits of seaweed are endless. It has a multitude of health and beauty benefits.

Organic Seaweed is a great detox, boosts circulation, rejuvinates and replenishes the skin ,it is great for it’s deep mositurising properities and promotes healing. Voya is an Irish company and all of the seaweed is handharvested in Ireland from the Atlantic Coast.

I noticed my skin felt really nourished and super soft and I really was so relaxed afterwards. The aftermath was a bit messy but that was to be expected. I would highly recommend this home treatment for everyone. It is great to bring a unique salon worthy treatment to your own home! I loved it!

For an in debth look at the benefits of seaweed click the following link :Β http://www.voyaseaweedbaths.com/seaweed-baths/health-benefits/

You can purchase the products from the Voya Website or a number of salons and stores stock Voya products nationwide. Link to the website below:


Make sure you send me on your seaweed selfies if you try this treatment out!

Linda x

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