Me, Myself and Oasis

So we have just wrapped the Me, Myself and Oasis Top Vlog competition. I have had an influx of messages from all of you absolutely beautiful humans so I decided while it is all still fresh in my head to write a post based on my experience in this year’s competition. If you are interested in knowing all of the behind the scenes info and goss then hopefully you will enjoy! The comp ran for 6 weeks with a lot of work put in so I have tried to get as much info in without boring you all.


I had originally heard about the comp through watching Xposé and I saw it pop up on Rosie Connolly’s snapchat. I honestly thought to myself.. I would love to enter but it was just that… a thought. I never in a million years believed that I would have the confidence to do it.
When I started to receive messages from followers with the direct link, I thought if you all believe in me then so should I.

To enter I had to send a short video about myself and something I was passionate about. That was easy for me… I had in recent months given up an amazing job that paid so well but which also made me so desperately unhappy to pursue my passion for blogging and work in the beauty industry. So while Cara napped I recorded my video and sent it in.


To my amazement I received a call to say I had made it through to the assessment day. I showed up at Oasis Steven’s Green the next day to be greeted by the most genuine, beaming smiley face as I walked in. Sinead was also a contestant and we hit it off instantly. I met Nash that day too who was also a Mammy and a fashion blogger!


We were then brought upstairs in the Oasis flagship store to be met by a room of other contestants. As I sat amongst them all talking about their thousands of followers and experience working for TV, I began to feel a bit out of my depth. All I knew is that I was willing to work really hard and I had a passion for what I was doing.


Among the judges was Miriam the MD of Oasis. I really admire Miriam’s work ethic and I grew very fond of her throughout my time in the comp! #girlboss
The PR team from aurora fashions Katie & Kate looked after us so well. They were briefing us on all aspects of the day and filling us with sambos, friendly chats and copious amounts of tea and coffee. Thanks girls!

Xposé then arrived and we had to start filming the beginning segments of the competition. I had never done anything for TV before. I have been a massive Xposé fan since the beginning and I had only ever dreamed of being on the show.


I was shocked by the amount of time that goes into filming behind the scenes to get the perfect shots. What might air for two minutes can take hours of filming. The gas thing was the day before I had my first gym session with Siobhan and I could hardly walk. So when I heard “come down the stairs” (3 flights may I add) “and we will film you” I nearly died. I had the serious leg wobbles but I powered through.

Then we delved straight into the tough stuff. We had individual interviews much like a job interview. We then had to grab pieces from the shop floor and do a mini vlog in front of the judges which I loved doing. I talked about staple wardrobe pieces that will last year after year, comfortable yet stylish pieces suitable for busy Mam’s and easy ways to convert a day look into a night look. I have adored fashion from such a young age so I really enjoyed this task.

We got a call later that evening and to my delight I had made it through!

Task 1 was to design a flat lay photo based around the Oasis theme #upmystreet pulling inspiration from nostalgia from our childhood. We filmed at the Casting Couch on Fitzwilliam Square with the Deputy Editor of Stellar Magazine Rosemary McCabe as our mentor. I love Stellar and Rosemary’s snapchat is something I follow daily! She’s really witty and intelligent and a good one to follow if you’re not already! She posted the below pic of me on her snapchat and I got so many messages 😂


So in my flat lay I used chunky chalks that reminded me of the hours we spent as kids on the street playing hopscotch, burgundy winter wool and my Grandmothers knitting needles speared through, old-school sweets and some stunning timeless Oasis pieces. I chose a bobble hat as it is something I have worn as a child, I still wear today and also Cara is wearing now. A timeless piece. I also choose a black faux fur gilet.
We took the photos on the Cannon 750D which the lovely Kiera gave us a training session on prior to the task. Instantly obsessed! A bloggers dream!


Again I was delighted to find out that I made it through!
It was then onto Task 2. We had to set up and record our own fashion vlog. We had 20 mins which seems like loads of time but it was really hard. Glenda Gilson and Gary the camera man from Xposé were there, Melanie Murphy a very successful Irish You tuber and all of the Oasis Team.


It was intense to say the least. We had to pull autumn winter pieces from the shop floor to use for the vlog and I was first up. I was nervous. It was intimidating having Xposé cameras filming, a packed room of eyeballs on you and being judged from all angles. I messed up a few things but I have to say Glenda was encouraging me and coaching me the whole time and she was the reason I managed to get through and get my point across also. Gary was helping me with the best angles for recording myself and reassuring me that the task was not easy and I just felt like they were all rooting for me. I managed to get through it and cringed that evening looking back over my footage at all the mistakes I had made. One thing I did like was that I didn’t take myself too seriously. I laughed a lot at my errors. Again, I got through and was so determined and focused on doing the best editing job.  I stayed up practically all night prepping for the next editing task.
The next day with practically no sleep, I arrived at the Morgan Hotel super early to do some last minute prepping. We had Rosie Connolly as a mentor for this task. I loved following her blog and had emailed her previously to tell her that she has been a massive inspiration and encouragement for me to chase my dreams. And her baby is the same age as Cara so I really relate to her. She didn’t disappoint in person. She is one of the nicest, warmest girls and I don’t think I would have got through the day without her help!


Once we made it up to the penthouse we began filming for Xposé and then into editing our footage. Rosie was a such a great help to us all and we also had Karen Koster and Glenda there too. They were all so lovely, helpful and I enjoyed a lot of the day. It was a hard task though and I had a few mere meltdowns along the way but I managed to get through it and was delighted with the finished vlog. Laura from the TV3 offices was also an amazing help! Thanks again Laura!
The following week the top four contestants headed to TV3 studios. All of the girls were so amazing I had no idea who would go through.


One of my best friends and biggest supporters of my blog came with me to studios and it was great to have that support. I was an hour early running around taking selfies and was so thrilled to be there and made it so far. To see the studios from behind the scenes and all the stuff going on was so intimidating. But I was again so proud and I knew I had put so much work in. We were miked up and brought on set.


It was scary because although it is pre-recorded it is treated as if it is live so I was trying to put on my best I’ve done this a million times’ face and not crumble! I loved it. I got a great rush of adrenalin and the presenters are so unbelievably professional and amazing at their jobs. It might look like the easiest job but I am not joking it is so overwhelming, crazy and I have so much respect for the professionalism of the whole team.

Sooooo… I made it through! I was heading to LONDON with Áine the other finalist!!!!! I was so emotional and delighted! My hard work had paid off!
Áine & myself were back in studios a few days later to film a briefing on the task ahead in London. I was a lot more relaxed on set and really enjoyed the day with everyone.

Before I knew it I was up at 4am heading to Dublin Airport. I was ready for an amazing day and ready to work really hard. We went to the Oasis SS16 press day in The Vinyl Factory London. The pieces were absolutely stunning with lots of floral print, bright colours and bold prints. Perfect spring summer pieces. You are all in for a treat next year!
We then headed along to the New Concept Store on Tottenham Court Road and were filming the whole journey. We had many laughs throughout the day and I was delighted with all my footage and had three days to edit.


I have a baby, a job, a house and everything else so I was feeling so exhausted and overwhelmed but also really determined to produce the best vlog possible. I had another few sleepless nights on the laptop and gave it my all.
I put my heart and soul into the competition and although in the end I didn’t win I can honestly say that I worked my ass off and I am so proud of how far I came. I was obviously so gutted to make it all the way to the final and not win. The experience was so unbelievable and I have made so many friends and connections through the competition! The Cannon team also gave me a camera too which I am so grateful for!


If anyone is thinking about entering something similar I would give you one small piece of advice! Believe in yourself! If you are lucky enough to have a passion for something and an opportunity arises… Grab it with both hands!


I will always encourage Cara to follow her dreams no matter what. I feel that I can now proudly stand behind what I preach to her. I want to be her inspiration and all I want is for her to do what makes her happy.
I look forward to receiving my new camera to produce some amazing videos for you all! I have so many ideas for 2016! I am planning and working on my content and I am so excited to share with you. But for now I am going to enjoy Christmas with my little family and take some much needed time to reflect on all of the amazing opportunities I have had this year!
Thank you all for the support so far I am eternally grateful!
Oh and I met MARISSA CARTER my favourite girlboss ever and a woman I look up to and am inspired by. I will leave you with an inspirational quote that she once shared and that resonated with me since finishing the show as the runner up. “Her success is not my failure”

This is only the beginning for me.

My snapchat username is – lindaryan10 if you are interested in following my daily vlogs!
Have an amazing Christmas and New Year!
Linda x

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