Botox Effect Serum

botox pic

I have tried and tested so many serums for every budget range. Some I found what I would describe as grand and some much better than others. But I knew almost instantly after applying the Botox Effect Serum from Biofresh Skincare that this was the most amazing serum I have ever used. It has a super lightweight creamy texture which almost melts into the skin leaving your face soft, supple and hydrated. The dream! So I know what you all wondering… Why is it called a Botox Effect Serum and how does it work? The serum is made up of a unique formula which is a fantastic mild non toxic alternative to Botox. It contains an ingredient called argireline which both prevents and reduces wrinkles and fine lines by inhibiting muscle contraction and also increases cell renewal. Using this serum daily will help keep the skin youthful and radiant. It also contains no artificial preservatives, colours or nasty parabens. It is enriched with anti oxidants and pure essential rose oil which is a much sought after natural anti ageing ingredient and smells divine on the skin.

I am lucky enough to have a normal skin type which is generally dehydrated. Therefore using a serum under my moisturiser daily really helps to hydrate my skin and keep it super soft and supple. Apply your serum after cleansing and toning the skin thoroughly. Generally, a serum should be applied under a moisturiser as the molecules tend to be smaller therefore it penetrates deeper into the skin. I would advise not applying the serum too near the delicate eye area and just sticking to your usual eye cream but it can be applied everywhere else on the face and neck.

I cant recommend this serum enough and if it’s good enough for Rosanna Davidson then it is good enough for me!

botox serum

If you would like to purchase or more information on the serum here is the link to the website

Alternatively, you can pop in the Swords or Drogheda store for your FREE sample 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed my post and thank you for reading.

Linda x

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