Everything you need to know about Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

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In recent months I totally fell into the eyelash extension craze and I have not been disappointed! As a busy Mamma, I am always on the go and rarely have time to put makeup on let alone even dress myself in clean clothes!


I find as Cara has gotten older (16 months now) it is getting harder and harder to get anything done and I currently find my days are a sea of playgrounds, playgroups, sticky hands and sweating running around terrified of taking my eyes off her for two seconds in fear of her ingesting a mouldy rice cake she has stashed somewhere for later or her new favourite thing of climbing on the back of our couch and diving off head first.

The eyelash extensions have been somewhat of a God send. Although I love makeup free ‘Mom’ days, I am a self confessed glamaholic and love nothing more than wearing ALL of the makeup and actually wearing co ordinated clean clothes!


With the lashes I still fell like I am clinching onto my glam days in some way and feel somewhat made up without any makeup on. I throw on my BB cream and I am good to go!


I actually trained as a lash tech last year with ASU Nail and Beauty Supplies in Swords so I have compiled a guide on everything you need to know about having eyelash extensions, FAQ from my snapchat and where to go to get them done.

1 – Semi Permanent Mink lashes are not actually made of mink. The are synthetic but have a mink like feel and are designed to be super lightweight and natural looking.

2 – They last anything from 4-6 weeks before needing a refill depending on how you maintain them. Brush them through with a clean spooly (disposable mascara wand) everyday is essential to stop them from getting tangled or sticking together.Takes 5 seconds in the morning.

3- You should not wear mascara over them unless it is made specifically for semi permanent lashes as this can effect how long they last. You will find you wont actually really need to wear mascara anyway! SCORE! All other eye makeup can be worn as normal.

4 – Invest in an oil free eye makeup remover. Oily makeup removers can cause the glue to debond from the lash and they can fall out.

5 – They come in a huge variety of sizes, curls to achieve many different looks. From the ‘mascara natural look’ to the ‘super glam false lash look’.

6 – Application can take a couple of hours depending on what look you are going for. Be prepared to have a nice nap as your lash therapist will be gluing individual lashes to each of your lashes takes precision and staying really still.

If you are a fidgety person and hate staying still for long you will hate this application.

7- You will be amazed how lightweight they feel unlike some strip lashes you wont even feel like you are wearing them.

8 – Don’t pick or pull at them as you can take your natural lashes with them! OUCH! If they are annoying you go back to your therapist and have them removed properly so you don’t damage your natural lashes. They will naturally shed over the few weeks as your own eyelashes grow and fall out naturally.

9 – If you are an eye rubber or adore taking every bit of eye makeup off at night they probably aren’t the best thing for you!

So that’s it if you have any more questions be sure to ask away. Ill be happy to answer.

I get my lashes done from a fellow blogger peaches & cream. She is honestly such a pro and is doing lashes for many years now. You can book with her through her Facebook page by searching peaches and cream and sending her a private mail.

Thanks for reading! Delighted to be back blogging after finishing my makeup course! Thanks for your patience… Lots more posts coming 🙂

Have a great day…

Linda x






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