Becoming Mammy Changed My Life

Being Mammy…. What does that mean to me… The only word that springs to my mind is Everything.


In essence having Cara has changed everything for me. Before having Cara I never felt settled or had much direction. I was uneasy. I know that sounds mad but that is truly how I l always felt. Almost instantly holding her in my arms for the first time I knew I had a real purpose. I finally had direction. I wanted to make her proud, I wanted her to look to me for inspiration and guidance. But how could she look to me when I didn’t know myself what I was really doing? She instantly became my motivation.

Having time away from my high pressure banking job that pretty much consumed my life before giving birth, gave me the breathing space I needed to really think about what I wanted to do.

I had previously completed a Beauty Therapy course immediately after leaving school and I excelled in all aspects of the course and adored every minute of it. After a couple of bad experiences in the working environment in beauty (bear in mind I was only 18 and very immature) I remember going to my Dad ( I just typed Dada out of habit… 🙂 ) to say I felt I needed a bit more time to mature and decided to return to college and get a degree. Soon after completing my degree and doing plenty of self discovery through travelling, breakups making friends and just having fun, I started working in corporate banking. I was ready to get stuck into a career. It was a fantastic career with lots of opportunities to progress and I loved all the people I worked with and the social aspect to the job too. But there was a burning sense of ‘this is not meant for me’. I was living someone else’s life. I was really unhappy and suffering from crippling anxiety. I always thought to myself how can I get back into the career I know I love and have passion for? I set up my blog and started to snapchat makeup tutorials, skincare advise and basically share my tips and tricks. My friends and family always asked me for advise and I went from answering their questions to answering my followers questions in no time. Word started to spread and I gathered quite a following. I decided to enter a blogging competition with Xpose and to my amazement after 6 weeks televised competition I made it to the final two. I didn’t win but the experience was amazing! My passion for blogging came across and my confidence was back up!

I decided after few weeks of mat leave to enrol in a package nail course  (I will detail all the courses I have completed below) and it was like a lightbulb moment. This is what I am supposed to be doing. So I took a massive leap and started working for Biofresh Skincare and Makeup in Swords. I was instantly hooked on the products and still to this day tell everyone about how amazing the products are! If you haven’t tried the products you need to pop into me for a consultation. I seriously have not looked back. I am so happy to be following my dreams and doing what I love everyday. I have gone from strength to strength in the industry and recently completed my makeup artistry course too and branched in Bridal Makeup which I love.

That is how Motherhood has guided, inspired and pushed me to change careers and make my daughter proud. When the day comes and she asks me for advise on her career I will tell her… Do whatever makes you happy and work really hard to be the best of the best!

Thanks for reading. For anyone interested I have listed the courses I have completed below

Linda x

My Courses:

CIBTAC Beauty and Body Therapy at Senior College Dun laoghaire

Gel, Acrylic, Gel Polish, Nail Art,  Mani & Pedi at ASU Nail and Beauty Supplies Swords

Hollywood Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions at ASU

Diploma in Makeup Artistry at Vanity X Makeup Academy Swords

I also have completed lots of smaller day courses too but the above are my main qualifications. 



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