Biofresh Baby Care

When I was pregnant with Cara I so greatfully received many baby bath and body care products. I remember reading online a scary article about many well known brands being toxic and harsh for babies skin. I always presumed if they were on the ahelf for babies surely they would be safe but I queationed it from then on.  As a beauty therapist myself I know the skin is an organ, (believe it or not) and I was worried about using all of these brands on Cara’s delicate akin. I began hunting and even asking my followers for advice on non toxic baby care products (you all give me great tips) as a first time Mammy I certainly don’t know it all. I found a couple of brands since which I picked up in pharmacies a lot more expensive but apartently alot less toxic.

I was thrilled to try out some baby care products from Biofresh on Cara and I can honestly say they have chosen the absolute hands down best brand I have used so far. The products contain specially selected natural ingredients to support the physiological skin recovery and enhance the resistance from harmful environmental conditions. Biotrade was founded in 1992 and is well respected and recommended by dermatoligists worldwide. Biotrade products are proudly stocked in Biofresh stores or online http://www.biofreshskincare.ieIMG_1790.JPG

The baby shampo and body wash is specially dermatoligacally tested to gently cleanse babies head and body using all natural vegatable glucoside cleansers that are non stripping & suitable for newborns, children or adults suffering with chemically  sensitive skin. Formulas are sulfate free, PABA free & allergens free.

The nappy rash cream is specially formulated for sore irritated  nappy rash containing active ingredients like vitamin E to help sooth, soften and heal delicate skin and zinc oxide which also has a healing and drying effect.

The soap contains 100% vegtable soap & ingredients like panthenol &  vitamin E to help hydrate, cleanse and soften babys skin. It is allergen free, paraben free and free from animal fats.

The body milk also helps hydrate and soften babys skin amd is again specially formulated for sensitive delicate babies skin.  Gently nourishes and hydrates and perfect for light baby massage before bedtime 🙂

You can pick all four products for €50 in stores now.

I hope you enjoyed this post ! Be sure to pop into Biofresh for more information.

Linda x


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