Bellamianta Tan Review

Bellamianta Tan seems to be popping up everywhere lately. I was intrigued to see what all the hype was about. I did a little research not expecting to want to jump on the band wagon but something jumped right out at me instantly. No harsh chemicals, parabens (preservatives in products which are not good for the skin), alcohols, perfume, animal derivatives, sulfates, silicone & GMO’s and no nasty smell and best of all it is an Irish Brand.


I am a huge advocate for paraben free skincare & makeup without harsh chemicals so I thought to myself ‘why am I not so concerned about what’s in my fake tan?’ It just never occurred to me. It was priced at €19.95 in my local pharmacy which is quite a lot more expensive than my usual cocoa brown 1 hour tan mouse for a very affordable €6.95. But I wanted to give it a go. As a makeup artist, I get asked daily by Brides to be, which tans I recommend so I like to experiment and here are my thoughts.


I bought the tan lotion in the shade medium. I recorded my first impressions on snapchat as always – username:lindaryan10 (shameless plug). I had a huge response from my daily followers and was amazed at the amount of snaps I got in the coming days as everyone seemed to rush out and purchase. I have between 2-3k followers per day. Here is a look st the recommended directions for use :


So my first impressions for those who missed my snapchat review:

•Texture was luxuriously thick and spread like a dream. A little went such a long way! I was originally disappointed in the size of the bottle but I honestly used so so little.

•Smell was like essential oils. Really nice and no tan pong.

• The products dried in so quickly with no sticky residue on the skin.

• I have white sheets and didn’t find any transfer the next day.

•I was quite dark when I woke up the next morning but once showered off the excess tan, I was left with a gorgeous olive brown tan. One thing I will say is that I wouldn’t apply if I had somewhere to go straight away.It develops in 2-4 hours but I would only apply this before bed and let develop through the night as it is quite dark after an hour or so. The finish after showering was so natural and  no streaks. I used a stipling foundation brush to apply to hands, feet and a tiny bit to the face.

•In the coming days the tan wore off really well.

I know it really seems like there are no negatives in my review but I was so impressed ! It really ticked all the boxes for me. 10/10 and worth the extra pennies. A lot of you recommended I get the mitt to go with the tan which I didn’t buy so I will next time I see one. I think they are about €10. I sometimes wonder if you all are more helpful to me than I am to you! So thank you for always sending suggestions and engaging in my snapchat daily!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it was helpful ! As always, THANK YOU for coming over to my little blog to have a read. I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know what you thought or if you have tried Bellamianta yourself.

Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend.. 😉

Linda x


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