My Favourite Hair Care Products

I was inspired to write a haircare post from a couple of snapchat questions recently. It is something I have never written about so I’m excited to talk all things hair but bear in mind I am a beauty therapist and beauty addict so I am not an expert when it comes to hair care.

I have recently gone from having hair extensions to short hair again and I have decided to leave my hair alone to try let it grow and keep it as healthy as possible. Here is a look at my hair with extensions and without:


I get highlights every 8-12 weeks so it is hard to keep my hair in really good condition. I do like to invest in really good haircare. I tend do use professional grade products with active ingredients that will actually make a difference to the condition and texture of the hair.

I was recently invited to an amazing Cocoa Brown Breakfast in Primark Head Office to launch the New Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo & Conditioner.


I was so genuinely surprised how amazing the products left my hair feeling and also so affordable. My hair felt really soft, cleansed with no residue left on the hair. The kind shampoo and conditioner are safe to use on hair extensions, coloured hair or for anyone with really sensitive scalps and even safe enough to use on babies! I was instantly intrigued. The products are free from parabens, alcohols and formaldehyde. The primary cleansing agent in the products is derived from natural sources,  fruit sugars, coconut oil

That was about 2 months ago and I have loved both the shampoo and conditioner so much that I have re-purchased a couple of times from Penneys. They are available from Cocoa Brown stockists nationwide and a 200ml bottle retails at €3.50! Here is a link to the website for anyone interested

About three weeks ago I purchased Kevin Murphy shampoo and treatment conditioner from the Blonde Angel Range.


They are honestly amazing for taking away that brassy blonde look and my hair feels super fresh and hydrated after use. These are also paraben free and are a vibrant blue colour with colour enhancers that really do revive and brighten blonde hair. I purchased mine from You can also look at the website

Here is a detailed list of key ingredients from the website.

Key Ingredients
Sunflower Seed Extracts
Sunflower Seed Extracts avoid the stripping of colour from the hair. These extracts act as a natural sunscreen that guard against colour fade and brassiness.

Olive Oil Extracts
Hydrates, restores and repairs. A natural antioxidant; it promotes shine and elasticity. It is rich in biotin, niacin, Vitamins A and E.

Lavender Flower
Lavender flower is a natural antioxidant known for its moisturizing, cleansing and balancing qualities.

Jojoba Seed Extracts
Penetrates deep into the follicle shaft to strengthen protein bonds and improve the follicle’s flexibility and elasticity. This ensures that the hair is able to retain moisture by adding body and volume while reducing breaking and splitting.

Brazil Nut Extracts
Form a protective layer on the hair blocking evaporation, and promoting a long lasting silkiness. Rich in Vitamin E to help moisturize and smooth the hair while preventing dryness

My hair is naturally quite thick, frizzy and hard to manage. I absolutely swear by this leave in conditioner spray – Revlon Equave Hydro Nutritive Detangling Conditioner.


I have been using it for years and I purchase in salon services and I know it is available in selected salons nationwide.  I spray it into towel dried hair and you literally only need to use a small amount. This spray  repairs the capillary structure of dry and damaged hair. The upper phase protects the external part of the hair. The lower phase revitalizes, nourishes and hydrates. A little goes a long way and I would recommend to only use through the mid length and ends as it can leave the roots a little greasy like all conditioners.

The last product I adore is the Kardashian dry shampoo. I have used every dry shampoo under the sun and I find this really lightweight, refreshing and also gives life and body to the hair in between washes.


It is a little on the pricey side in comparison to some dry shampoos but it is a large bottle and a little goes a long way. It is hand on heart the best dry shampoo I have ever used as it is not chalky or heavy. I buy mine from Mc Cabes Pharmacies Nationwide.

Hope you enjoyed todays post…

Have a great weekend

Linda xxx





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