Expanding and Exploring

Hi Everyone! Soooo.. Here it is… my first official post of 2017.


Bit nervo about this one but I made a pact with myself to GRAB every opportunity this year and do everything that I want to do (within reason of course). I have a tendency to talk myself out of pursuing opportunities that may lead me to following my dreams and passions. I honestly believe it is the fear of what might go wrong, what people may say. I think when it is something you truly care about and are passionate about… the stronger the fear feels. Truth is, things can go wrong and people will always talk but I decided the fear of never perusing something I am passionate about and ‘settling’ in my comfort zone was bigger than the fear of failing at something I love.


I am delighted to let you all know I will be expanding the fashion section of my blog with the hopes of producing outfit inspiration posts once a month. I am a busy working mother, saving for a mortgage, ( I wont drag on with the ‘ADULTING’ talk) and also I have curves. I want to share affordable, accessible and easy to wear pieces to suit all budgets and busy schedules.


With the intention of not making a holy bleeding show of myself I have rained in a professional Brid ODonovan to take these snaps for me. Wow, she is incredible and I credit her amazing talent and attention to detail for making me look half decent!

When it comes to fashion I am no expert in the field. I have a background in fashion retail but that’s about it. I am a Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist and that is definitely my niche and where my talents lie. But I have a keen eye for fashion (& a bargain) and I have my own personal style. I don’t tend to follow trends I just see pieces in stores and adore bringing them to life through styling and accessorising.  I would love to call my love for fashion a ‘passion’ but being entirely honest I would have to say it is more of an addiction. Shopping is my drug and I love nothing more than getting lost in a large department store with Phil’s card of course 😉  I always get asked where this is from and that so hopefully these posts will be something you enjoy to read and get some outfit inspiration from.


These words have helped me a lot so far this year and I hope they may help you too…

Don’t ever tell yourself you’re not good enough

Don’t ever tell yourself its too late


Thank you so much for reading today’s post. Hope you have an amazing day.

Linda x

Links to all items below if you want to purchase or have  a closer look:

Boots – Zara – In sale now but not listed on website ! Blehhh.. In Swords Pavilion Store

Floral Lace Detail Top

Bag – Zara – New stock but not listed on website. €25.95 in Zara Swords Pavilion

Camel Coat is from Primark

Oversized Sunglasses

Highwaisted Molly Jeans

Photo credit Brid ODonovan



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